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About Us

The year was 1988, Henning Deichmann was sitting at Kulhus, an old manor house in a forest north of Copenhagen, when he came up with the idea of a concept for women that celebrated beauty, excitement, colour and passion.

The inspiration came from being in such magnificent surroundings. The incredible colours of the forest on a sunny autumn afternoon, the ever changing beauty and power of nature, and the timeless architecture of the buildings. Kulhus, was built in 1769, it has a long history and has housed many famous people in its time, including Hans Christian Andersen, who upon one of his visits falls in love with the daughter of the house. He too became so inspired by the surroundings that he wrote a poem about it.

From a dream in the north of Denmark, EVITA PERONI® was born.

Since the founding and the initial base in Copenhagen, EVITA PERONI has grown into a worldwide brand for the woman who wants stylish, fashionable and exclusive accessories made from high quality materials and a high level of craftsmanship.

Today EVITA PERONI's offices in Copenhagen, London, Hong Kong and San Francisco, ensure inspiration is drawn from all corners of the world, at the same time keeping the original heritage from Denmark and ensuring the brand stays loyal to its roots.